Ryu (Dragon)

A huge reptile on the imagination and it is praised as a god of water.


Sometimes called “Ryuzou” and it indicates a priest who has excellent insight and power in the Zen sect.


“Ikkakuju” is an unicorn which has traditionally been known by the name of “Unikaeru” and write it with “Unicome”  in Portuguese. It’s said that it lives in the water and its corn become a good medicine.

Komainu(Guardian dog)

When you touch the “Komainu” which put a puppy in the body in front of the “Sanmenden” , it’s said that you are blessed with a child and can recover from disease.


Animal on the imagination which drew a lion introduced from China. “Karajishi” has traditionally been worshipped as a sacred beast and considered as a symbol of the power.

Sai (Rhinoceros)

It’s said that Sai is a holy animal of the water which was born in Japan and protect from the fire. You can see it at the girder of the “Chozuya”  (Place for ritual of hands and mouth with water) in SAIJOJI.