TENGU legend


TENGU (Long-nosed goblin) legend in SAIJOJI

When Douryo, pupil of Ryoan-emyo-zenji, heard that the master builds SAIJOJI, he changed into TENGU and flew over from Mii-temple of Omi in Shiga-prefecture to help to bulid the temple by burying a valley using supernatural powers and by lifting rocks and breaking them.

And then Ryoan-emyo-zenji died at 75 years old, it is said that he changed into TENGU and flew away into deep of the mountain to protect the temple forever. Since then TENGU is deified a guardian deity of the temple.



Japanese wooden clogs of TENGU

Role of Japanese wooden clogs is accomplished by set of left-and-right pair and it is said that it connects with conjugal harmony.


Statue of nose high TENGU with form of the itinerant Buddhist monk who has strong supernatural powers.


Statue of TENGU with a bill like a crow. It is called an another name Crow-billed TENGU.
Ko-TENGU can fly freely with the body covered by a face with a bill and a black feather like a crow.


Stone statue which models the legend of TENGU.
When Ryoan-emyo-zenji, the master of DOURYOSAN, passed away at 75 years old, DOURYOSAN changed into TENGU and flew away into deep mountains to protect the temple forever and rescue worshippers from pains. Since then DOURYOSAN is deified as the palladium of the temple.

Japanese wooden clogs of TENGU

“WAGO-GETA” is the biggest Japanese wooden clogs in the world and it is said that you can receive benefit when you pass under it.